The Issuance of apartment keys and documents for property rights issuing continues


Dear residents of the RiverStone residential complex!

We have completed construction of the RiverStone complex last fall. Currently, our team is working on issuing keys to apartments and other real estate and documents for registration of property rights to investors.

On August 23d, we issued documents to 91% of clients in the 7th house, 86% in the 8th house, and 64% in the 9th house.

We strongly request customers who have fulfilled their contractual obligations to contact the sales department and receive a package of documents for registration of ownership rights.
After all, it is always better to keep things in order.

Please contact your personal manager:

Maria Horislavets: +38 067 410 19 24 (viber, telegram)
Maryna Tyrinova: +38 098 845 37 97 (viber, telegram, whatsapp)
Tatyana Shevchenko: +38 067 442 92 03 (viber, telegram, whatsapp)

With respect and wishes for a fast victory,
the RiverStone team.

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